When Things Heat Up, Keep Your Cool

We provide AC repairs in Hendersonville, NC, and Salem, SC & surrounding areas

When your HVAC system breaks down, it can be hard to tell exactly what the problem is. HVAC systems are complicated and rely on many components to operate correctly. When one of them no longer functions, the whole unit could give out, causing you to lose your conditioned air.

To speak with an HVAC professional about AC and heating repairs, call Central Air, LLC today. We have offices in Hendersonville, NC, and Salem, SC.

Reliable repairs for all of your HVAC issues

Reliable repairs for all of your HVAC issues

Central Air will examine your HVAC system to find out exactly what’s wrong. If you think your HVAC system may be malfunctioning, look for these signs:

  • Your home is not heating or cooling properly
  • Your HVAC unit is making loud or clunky noises
  • You’re unable to raise or lower the temperature of your indoor air
  • Your home is dusty, particularly around the vents

Call any of our three locations to learn more about our HVAC repair services. We offer discounts to first responders, veterans and their families.