Stop Losing Money From Leaky Ducts

Choose Central Air for your air duct maintenance in Hendersonville, NC, and Salem, SC

Your HVAC system relies on many different components to function properly, including air ducts. If you think of the compressor as the heart of the system, then the air ducts are its arteries. Leaky air ducts won’t transport sufficient warm or cool air around your home, no matter how hard your compressor works.

Central Air, LLC provides duct work maintenance to ensure that your air ducts always function properly. To learn more about our maintenance services, call one of our three locations today.

Need new air ducts? We Can Help.

Need new air ducts? We Can Help.

If your air ducts are the wrong configuration for your interior or they’ve degraded beyond repair, Central Air will install new ones. You may need new air ducts if:

  • Your HVAC system is unusually loud
  • You smell a strange odor coming from your vents
  • Your home is over ten years old
  • Your rooms are inconsistently hot or cold

To speak with an HVAC professional about air duct installation services, call Central Air today. We have locations in Hendersonville, NC, and Salem, SC.